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Overview About Aptos And How To Trading Aptos

Aptos is essentially a Layer 1 project that focuses on core values ​​like usability, speed, reliability, and safety. The team of the project is not new, it is the team from the popular Diem project in the period of 2019 – 2020, supported by Facebook (now Meta), even with the presence of Mastercard and Uber.

However, at that time, due to government obstruction, Diem collapsed and the technologies in it were sold to Silvergate Capital for $182 million. Therefore, when it was “recreated” with the name Aptos, it was invested by many big funds in the world such as A16Z, Multicoin Capital, Binance Lasbs … and reached a valuation of 4 billion USD before Mainnet, a a huge number that any other Layer 1 would covet.

With that irresistible attraction, there are currently more than 215 projects built on Aptos and 12 projects in the testnet stage. If you missed your chance to get $APT airdrop through retroactive and testnet of Aptos, these 12 projects are the next big opportunity that can bring you huge amount of money as the money flows into the system. this ecology.

Currently, Aptos has been listed on exchanges from large to small such as: Gate, Binance, Mxc, Kucoin, …. And has a very high X.

How To Trading Aptos?

According to my assessment, APT can surf short waves at the moment.

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