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AMA Recap: BC Blue Sky Ventures & SKYPlay

On May 12th, 2022, our community had a chance to James Yu – Blockchain Business Community Manager Of SKY Play to join in an AMA to give fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of SKYPlay – Easy Play & Easy Blockchain

Creating a brand new blockchain ecosystem culture for all contents providers and users from our own unique and innovative SKYPlay blockchain platform.

Time: 1 PM UTC – May 12th, 2022

Reward: 100$

Part 1: Project and Guest Introduction

Question 1. Firstly, can you give me brief introduction about your management team and SKYPlay ?


Hello everyone. First of all, I am so happy to be hosting an AMA here tonight.

To introduce myself first, I am James Yu, who is in charge of the community manager for the SKY Play project.

Our team is composed of members who have served as the development and global general PD of LINE Let’s Get Rich (or Everybody’s marble) from the initial planning. Efforts were made to provide a service that meets the sentiments of various countries at a culturalizing level.

To briefly introduce the SKY Play project, the Sky Play platform is designed to start with NFT games and expand to education, arts, hotels, sports, movies, crafts, etc., so that systems designed to work according to our strategy, continuously launch and converge to ensure stability and improve function. At the same time, we strive to create a complete ecosystem by collecting the opinions of platform participants.

Question 2: Please share a few major milestones of SKYPlay during its development process


Last month, we conducted Alpha Season 1 of SKYPLAY’s first game CoinGrid.

Alpha Season 2 will be released soon. In addition, the overall SKYPLAY platform is scheduled to be released in 3Q 2022. In addition, various services are being prepared in addition to various games. The exact schedule will be revealed step by step.

Question 3: Could you share with us your plan to expand locally as well as globally?


We recently conducted the first alpha test of a game called ‘Coin Rrid’ running on the SKY Play platform.

In particular, it was very popular in Southeast Asia, and I was really grateful for the response and spent 3 happy days. Thanks to your support, we plan to conduct more aggressive marketing.

In addition, after securing a user base in Southeast Asia, we are preparing to expand to the world. Please look forward to our community expansion and ecosystem expansion in the future.



Part 2: 5 questions pre-collected by Twitter

Q1: @Pandomic1

NFT & Gamefi projects are trending in the crypto space. So, What are the various forms of


 NFT plates used for? Where can we buy it? What is the use case like & what is the utility?Can users trade NFT through the built-in marketplace & can it be used outside of games?


We plan to launch NFT soon. We are accelerating NFT development, and we are also developing an NFT market place where you can manage and use all NFTs of projects to be run on the SKY Play platform.

All these transactions will be made possible through SKY Play’s governance token, SKP.

The applications of SKP will become wider and wider, and you can look forward to the SKY Play ecosystem.

Q2: @Allain48Mark

I could see that #SKYPlay is the gamers’ home for hanging out with friends and connecting in an immersive experience, you mean your game is multiplayer? Do you have clans or teams within your game? What are the incentives for the best players?


The level of questions asked by BC Blue Sky Ventures community users is really high… it’s amazing…!

The types of games that will be run within the SKY Play platform are very diverse. Therefore, it seems impossible to say that it is fixed and executed in one genre. Let’s take the first game ‘Coin Grid’ that entered the SKY Play platform as an example.

Coin Grid is available in both singleplayer and multiplayer. You can acquire NFTs through single-player, and you can earn through battles through 4-player PvP mode. Recently, an alpha test was conducted in Southeast Asia, and it is a game that has been well received. We will be conducting the second alpha test soon. During the preparation for the second alpha test, we did more development, and the preparation process was also a great effort by the teams.

I want to meet users through the second test. Clans and teams in the game are also being conceived and will be introduced at any time. In addition, you can vote by using SKP tokens on the SKY Play governance platform currently under development. Through this, it was created so that users could directly participate in the game operation method and create an ecosystem.

Q3: @quochai1998

As an Play-To-Earn Game, “SKYPlay” looks fantastic and interesting. But, There is only one other thing that concerns me, and that is SECURITY. Then, How confident are you in the ability of “SKYPlay” security infrastructure to protect player funds and data in the future?


What the SKY Play project team considers most important is ‘security’.

Recently, through the Axie infinity incident, I have been awakened to the importance of security once again.

In the field of blockchain technology, a blockchain and security expert who served as the development team leader of a famous exchange called Bithumb in Korea joined as the CTO, and another blockchain technology expert is in charge of our blockchain technology. and, global top tier virtual wallet companies as well as blockchain companies are responsible for solid technology and security as partners. In particular, our blockchain, games and platforms focus on ‘security’ above all else.

Q4: @Thaitu_Dean

Many P2E games have dual token system. But #SKYPlay has only a single token . With 1 token for all features including P2E, players after acquiring them will sell them and will cause token inflation. So how will #SKYPlay ensure a stable economy and combat token inflation?


We have a reward mechanism in which users are rewarded for their activities through various early services.

However, the inflation aspect above is very sensitive and difficult to answer right away.

We plan to open a forum space where we can communicate and talk with users and create them together. And once the development of the governance platform is completed, it is possible to propose a vote for token burn according to inflation. In addition, we value the participation of ‘users’ as the most important.

Q5: @Ruble_J44

Just curious about the chosen name for your project. Can we ask why did you name it “skyplay” ? About the spelling, maybe it should be #skyplay, so just wondering why spelled it that way? Is there any reason or story behind it and what does this name mean?


That’s a really fun question.

We initially thought of the idea by many names.

When many people think of space, they can think of three things: the earth, the sky, and the universe. Among them, we were born as SKYPLAY to create a space where users can communicate and play everything online with users in the space between the earth and the universe.

Part 3: Guests will choose 5 best live questions from members to answer directly in the group                                                                                                                                            

Q1: @juniorlirae

Staking, NFT is very hottest, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the achieved future?


That’s a very good question. We will soon list SKP tokens on the MECX exchange on May 13th.

We are planning another airdrop for future staking or SKP holders using SKP tokens. In addition, there seems to be more good news as the development of our platform is finished.

Q2: @conroye

Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?


We try to create a platform by communicating with users about the upcoming platform. We will try to make sure that users can enjoy our platform with convenient UI/UX, including the SKP Token ecosystem.

Q3: @Rhett_Swift_70

I am interested to invest in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens? Is it already listed exchanges?


SKY Play’s governance token will be listed on May 13th at 15:00 UTC. You will soon be able to see SKP tokens on the MEXC exchange.

ah! Even better, we are almost done with contracts with two exchanges. We hope to see you at SKP on more exchanges soon.

Q4: @Miza_tam_98

How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have local communities like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea,.. so they can better understand your project?


Yes, we will expand our ecosystem with various countries. In addition, countries that have started based on English and lack English communication will recruit supporters from each country to support their languages. Please show a lot of interest in our supporters

Q5: @Anh_Yen_Chu

Audit is important for both trust and security? Have you done any audit of your project?


That’s a very good question. Of course, we are conducting audits, and we are already collaborating with various companies according to the audit form that is important to each exchange.




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