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AMA Recap: BC Blue Sky Ventures & Puffverse

🔔AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & Puffverse

🗓Time: 2 PM UTC – January 13th, 2023
🎤Guest: Andrew – Operation Director of Puffverse
🎁Reward: 50$ + 10 NFT

What is Puffverse?
Puffverse is a Disney-like dreamland of the 3D metaverse that aims to connect virtuality in Web 3 and reality in Web 2

Part 1: Introduction of the Project and Guests

1. First off, let’s start with a brief introduction of Puffverse, shall we?

Sure. I’m glad to see all the future Puffs gathering here through Web 3. This is exactly what we are trying to do, to build a Disney-like dreamland of the 3D metaverse that aims to connect virtuality in Web 3 and reality in Web 2. We have an amazing and mature development team as well as solid backers to provide us with engine and game-building support, we also have a great community here at the very beginning. To bring you into the Puffverse, you have to know that we have unique storylines and extraordinary characters with different personalities. Web 3.0, DeFi, and SocialFi are our goals.

Puffverse is a multi-end interactive universe with characters as NFT assets, allowing players to experience different content in different scenarios using their characters. Users can use their characters as NFT assets to experience different content in different scenarios. They can collect multiple characters with unique and diverse costumes, various characteristics, skills, bonuses, and more. We are not a GameFi project, but we contain 4 main products which are PuffGo (Royale party game like Fall Guys), PuffTown (Simulation game and also wallet integration and web 3 control panel to control all 3 products), PuffLand (UGC for game design, no coding needed), PuffWorld (UGC for metaverse building, no coding needed), Passcard (SocialFi), etc.

So, it’s never too late to join Puffverse, especially since we are now in quite an early phase!
website of project:

2. You’ve recently been selected as the BNB Chain Grants winner! Tell us about it.


We are excited to announce that we got incubation grants from BNB Chain and the invitation to deploy on BNB Chain, we will be deploying our main products and assets on BNB Chain, the best-performing decentralized economy, which means we are ready for massive user access and a fully functional ecosystem.

BNB Chain (Originally Binance Smart Chain – BSC) supports the most popular programming languages and flexible tools and comes with clear and canonical documentation. With its best EVM compatibility, minor adjustments will be made by the team with the original contracts and codes, and then you could enjoy the cheaper gas fee as well as a faster transaction speed. As you may know, a metaverse and Web 3 gaming project require high frequency in on-chain integration which creates a barrier if the gas fee is high and will reduce the potential user amount. The massive user base and strong ecosystem can provide Puffverse with a better environment to attract users from both Web 3 and Web 2.

Ethereum has always been a great place for NFTs to be launched and promoted, however, when it comes to chain integration, not many can suffer the cost of high-frequency interactions. Our original plan was to build our Genesis NFT first on Ethereum and search for the best chain to deploy our products. When we heard of the BNB Chain Builder Grant, we knew that it was the best choice for us. It brings blockchain’s best resources, training, and connections to startups and provides long-term growth support.

A strong team with solid products needs an outstanding ecosystem to grow and BUILD together. It’s time for Puffverse to BUILD on BNB Chain.

Check the grants:

3. That’s great news!! Collaboration with a great ecosystem is a WIN-WIN for your project and the chain.
Puffgo beta version was a huge success and I heard all users are super satisfied playing it. Could you briefly talk about the summary of the PuffGo Beta version with us?


I bet everyone was just like that! I saw many players playing all day and all night for a higher rank, and sometimes we even think these accounts were cheating, but after all the checks, they are not, they are just hardworking. So, salute for all the plays and excellent skills!

I know it’s hard to kick the balls at the beginning, and someone tried to get more balls in by matching with their own teams, but these were all ruled out, unfortunately. We encourage all the great plays but never tolerate the cheats.

As you all know, PuffGo Beta version is only for test purposes, and we had strict rules of cheat checks. Believe it or not, the official version is gonna be more strict, because regular players’ interests can not be harmed like this, especially when there’s token related.

The reason we have such strict rules is that we are not a play-to-earn game, but a skill-to-earn game. We don’t like play to earn because it will only benefit the early birds, but of course early birds deserves more benefits while not driving new users away. Players who get into the game later should also be beneficial. That’s why, during the official version, we will have a seasonal rank (about 14 days, not yet decided), instead of giving out tokens every game. This is the point of skill to earn, and is the point of making it balance for all-time players.

4. Excellent! We heard something about the official version of PuffGo, what’s more about it? Considering many users have been waiting for that.


Let’s see, other than those rules, the main difference in the Official PuffGo is the account. Now that you know you can get 1 test account from 1 NFT, which is pretty inconvenient sometimes, right? In the Official PuffGo, your address will be your account which means you can register the game accounts using emails and so on, and bind an address related to it for the assets control.

It means all the NFTs in your assets can be used to play the game. When you want to play the game, simply use that account to log in and it will load your NFTs. When you need to transfer your NFTs and tokens, swap your tokens, buy more tokens, or get rewards, you all need to do it in the PuffTown App. Many of the users might know that PuffTown V1 is a simulation game, the reason we say it’s V1 is that PuffTown will be an App for an assets control panel in Puffverse, instead of just being a simulation game. Of course, the simulation game will be inside of the App at that time. Overall, that’s a good and easier way to manage your assets and play games using different NFTs. Hold more, and you will get more.

Other than the account, there will be around 10 different game modes at the initial launch. Other than the 5 existing ones, you will experience more modes in the official version. In total, we have 30+ modes, and it will be released one by one.

5. That’s exactly what we want, a better account system. And wow, 30+ modes are exciting. I’m glad you mentioned PuffTown, and before we talk about the real PuffTown, let’s introduce PuffTown V1 to our audiences today, since it’s your second main product to launch.


Playing PuffGo consumes a lot of time, and you basically have to play it all day long for the ranks. PuffTown is relatively less time-consuming, because it is a simulation Idle game, and it means you only need to place your NFTs in the adventure and wait for the result.

We figured it’s better to have this kind of game in the holiday season, cuz people just don’t wanna move at the end of the year. Let me break the PuffTown V1 into pieces for you all, so that you will know what to do on Sunday.

First off, the main part to earn Coins and Diamonds is through Adventure.

You will choose to join the adventure, and the adventures will refresh every time you refresh. Let’s take the first one for example.

When you enter the first adventure, you will see something like this, along with all your NFTs in the wallet down below. There are 3 kinds of NFTs here, the golden yellow one stands for PuffGenesis, the bronze one stands for Puff Football, and they are all Characters with a relatively high luck value. The purple one is Puff Classic, we normally use it to raise Puff Genesis and Puff Football, which means it is the food of those 2 NFTs.

The first step you need is to choose an NFT to start the adventure, and kindly wait for the result. Different adventures require different time periods, some are 1h, some are 4h, and some are 12h or longer. But of course, the longer it takes, the higher reward it has.

The adventure has recommended levels and sometimes has recommended characters, if you meet all the requirements, your win rate will be high. If not, it’s gonna be low. And if it’s really low, there won’t be Coins or Diamonds after the adventure, but you do still get experience.

This is the reward list of the first easy adventure, we will rate you a rank after you finish the adventure and give you certain rewards.

6. So basically, I will get Coins & Diamonds in my address, what other rewards can I get by playing Pufftown v1? Also what are the use cases for those rewards?


Exactly, Coins & Diamonds for your address, and Experience for the NFT you used. Other than this, you might get extra rewards by chance. You might get Treasure Chests, and it requires a certain period of time to open it. If you want to speed it up, you can use your coins to do so. But be careful, because there might be empty ones. The chests will also give you more Coins and Diamonds.

You can have 4 Treasure Chests at the same time. There are 5 types of Treasure Chests: Normal Chest, Excellent Chest, Rare Chest, Legendary Chest, and Ancient Chest. Different chests require different times for opening. You can use Coins to speed up the process. But be careful! There might be empty chests!

You can use them to level up and raise your NFTs.

Each character starts at level 1, up to a maximum level of 30. When a player participates in an adventure with a character, the character who participates in the match gains experience at the end of the adventure. When the character has accumulated enough experience, players can click the ‘Upgrade’ button and consume a certain amount of coins to level-up the character. After leveling up, the character’s power will be increased, and the character’s experience will be re-accumulated until the character reaches the maximum level of 30.

Each character starts at 1 star and can have a maximum of 5 stars. When a character reaches level 20, the character can be Raised. Players need to select multiple Puff Classic NFTs with the same stars as the resources to raise. After consuming a certain amount of Diamonds, the Puff Classic NFTs as resources will be destroyed, and the character will be raised by one star. The character’s Power will increase greatly after every raise, and the character will not be able to continue raising after it reaches full stars.

As I mentioned before, Puff Classic NFTs can be obtained by hatching eggs, and the initial eggs can be obtained by airdrop.

Attention here!

Each Puff Genesis is awarded 2-5 eggs according to the rating, and each Puff Football is awarded 1 egg at the time of the PuffTown V1 launch (Sunday Dec 25 it is). If the Puff Football NFT is minted after the launch, 1 egg will be awarded after the mint.

At last, you will be able to use Diamonds to exchange for points, 1 Diamond can get you 10 points. This point is the same as your PuffGo Beta points, for the redemption of the initial tokens. The unused Diamonds will be automatically exchanged to points before the initial launch.

7. What is the most important information we need to know before entering Pufftown?


First of all, use only Puff Classic for Raise. They will be burnt after use. As you can see, this requires a lot of Puff Classics. The Eggs we airdropped to Genesis and Football holders might not be enough if you all want to Raise the NFT. So there might be other ways to get more Puff Classic, please stay tuned.

After the raise, the power will increase a lot, much more than the level-up. So, in order to get more coins and diamonds in the high-level adventure, it is recommended to Raise your NFTs.

Secondly, Each character has three attributes: Power, Vitality, and Luck. Among them, the Luck Value is determined and unchangeable with the initial release of the character, while the Power and Vitality have an initial value that is given at the initial release but can be changed along the way. The three attributes are effective in-game in the following ways respectively:

Power determines how well you can be in an adventure and the rank of a character in the adventure. A character’s Power can be increased through Level Up and Raise.
Vitality affects the profit of the game. When the Vitality is lower than a certain percentage, the profit will be lost. Every time players use a character to join an adventure, the Vitality of the participating character will be reduced. Players can use Coins to restore the Vitality of the character.
Luck Value
Luck Value will add bonuses to the game rewards, and increase the drop rate of the treasure chest. The higher the Luck Value, the greater the drop rate of the treasure chest.

These are all important. Now, you know that it’s time to get the high-luck-value Puff Genesis and Puff NFTs.

Speaking of which, remember that the 8 teams of Puff Football have increased luck values, that’s definitely something to chase for.

8. Can’t wait to play Pufftown! Let me sum it up, you need to have Puff Genesis or Puff Football NFT to join the adventure and get EXP, Coins, and Diamonds, and level up & raise your NFTs to get more for the initial tokens, correct?


100%. The first step is definitely to get an NFT. To join the PuffTown V1 and start earning points for initial tokens, you need to have NFTs first.

To enter the PuffTown V1 game, you need at least 1 Puff Genesis or 1 Puff Football NFT.

For Puff Genesis, you can purchase them on the secondary market.

For Puff Football NFT, you can also purchase the Puff Team NFT on Binance NFT

and redeem it on

Or get the redeemed Puff Football NFT on the secondary market.

Remember that after you get the Puff Team NFT, you need to redeem it to Puff Football NFT in order to participate in all the events and join the game.

The steps are as follows:

1. Get your Puff Team NFT on Binance NFT.
2. Withdraw the Team NFT to your address.
3. Redeem your Team NFT to Puff Football NFT with the team’s costume in Eg. If you have Puff Football Qatar, you can redeem one of the Qatari-designed NFTs in the collection.

You can then check your Puff in My Puff.

9. Awesome. Prepare your NFT now if you would like to join Puffverse especially in Pufftown v1 and Puffgo beta version. Is there anything else you would like to speak to our audience today?


The official PuffTown includes V1 simulation game with real tokens output, asset control (NFT & Token in PuffGo, PuffLand, PuffWorld, and on-chain), wallet & account system (Web 2 users can also join), Swap, Marketplace, hardware related, etc.

That’s about all for today, do read our docs for the details and prepare for the PuffTown V1 during the holidays.

Everyone please do remember, the Version 1 is a web game, which means you can play it on both PC & mobiles. The official PuffTown will be an App available on both Android and IOS phones, just like what we have for Puffgo.

Part 2: 5 questions collected before Twitter

Q1: @Chamica555
How do I get started in Puffverse? the NFTs, what’s the difference between PUFF& GENESIS NFT? What’re their utilities within the platform? Do we hold them as simple collectibles or are there additional benefits? And how do we get whitelisted for them? Will you own a marketplace?

owning an NFT to start with Puffverse;
PuffGenesis is our limited edition NFT collection, which has highest priority in all of our products;
You can get one from our listing page on OpenSea;
We will have our own marketplace in the near future.

Q2: @akim158349
I saw your website that binance has mystery box. How can I get mystery box? Can I get the mystery box for free or do I have to buy it? What can I get with the mystery box?


The steps are as follows:

1. Get your Puff Team NFT on Binance NFT.
2. Withdraw the Team NFT to your address.
3. Redeem your Team NFT to Puff Football NFT with the team’s costume in Eg. If you have Puff Football Qatar, you can redeem one of the Qatari-designed NFTs in the collection.

You can then check your Puff in My Puff.

Q3: @lidiamfaa
I saw that the Puffverse platform recently formed a strategic partnership with T’s Music Can you tell us about your expectations from this partnership, do you have plans to establish similar and larger partnerships in the near future?
What do you expect from T,s Music?

T’s music is one of our backers actually, they have created all of our music productions, sound tracks and will continue supporting us for our future audio products.
check full backers here:

Q4: @JahsSbdb
I see that your project has 4 products PuffTown, PuffLand and PuffWorld. How do you ensure that users of your product enjoy sustainable and rich rewards? Tell us briefly about any of your four most in-demand products whether launched or under development?

PuffGo and PuffLand are already online at the moment, in BETA though. We now have a strong community full of supporters playing and giving feedbacks on a daily basis. Our dev team is adjusting according to their suggestions at the moment. So I do believe we will be having a very balanced ecosystem would last for long run when our official version launches, also benefits the launch of our other two product.

Q5: @Nigeriana213
It sounds very interesting to hear your project name Puffverse. Where did you get the idea for the project name? Why did you choose the name Puffverse for the project name?

As the crypto market being bullish since the end of 2019, everyone has a dream to step right in and build their own project here. But when we saw a lot of projects who didn’t really have an outstanding game or product but only a good tokenomic model, we knew we’d do better because of how strong our development team is. The reality didn’t hit us, but only was the catalyst of realizing the Puffverse. Starting from 2019, due to the limits imposed by the epidemic, the majority of people worldwide are unable to travel as freely as before, but the socialization need still remains. With 300 million users worldwide, Xiaomi is a user-centered platform where quality content and platform will complement one another to create positive feedback in a loop. As a result, a team from Xiaomi decided to expand the investment in content production while choosing this track in the medium casual competitive category given the overall situation at the time (COVID-19).

Part 3: Free Q&A at BC Blue Sky Ventures

Q1: @Rj_sagor999
I read that Unity provided all the technical support for the Puff project, but could you really describe the benefits that Unity provided them? Will it be a much simpler and faster interface?

Unity provided all the technical support for the Puff project, and the best TA team in the world was brought in to realize the Puff product’s art and animation. The team created the base framework of the editor based on Unity to give the best action game experience to the users after it was introduced to the public.

Q2: @Amiens36
Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?

Please feel free to check here:

Q3: @qweenil
“I think Puffverse will be the blue chip in the later days after the official launch. And we did see many successful projects like Axie Infinity, do you see Puffverse grown like that or otherwise?””I think Puffverse will be the blue chip in the later days after the official launch. And we did see many successful projects like Axie Infinity, do you see Puffverse grown like that or otherwise?”

In our opinion, Axie is surely a great project but only a GameFi project. So when it comes to the metaverse, we are more complicated yet more comprehensive. We don’t only have GameFi, but SocialFi, DeFi mechanism, and also hardware-related products. We see a bigger potential here, especially with all the Web 2 support we have.

Q4: @qweenil
Do you have any..
1- Telegram Group
2-YouTube channel
3- Tiktok Channel
4- Website
5- twitter
For this project? From there where can I get the latest information, what social media can I follow to get the latest Your project information?



website of project:

Pufftown website:

Q5: @MS_Alex1
According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?


As I said we don’t play to earn, but you will surely be rewarded for playing, it’s just not rewarding for every set of matches. And the main tokenomic circulation is not within the PuffGo, but the other three products. Imagine if you can set up your own modes or level, you can get your own games running as play to earn or else.
Let me share the roadmap with you guys, but please note that the roadmap only represents what we can predict at this point, so it’s possible that we change priorities according to the market and feedback from the community. We will do everything to ensure the best possible experience for our users.
Q2 & Q3 of 2022 are basically a start-up period:
• UI, UE, and icon design
• Development
• Fundraising
• Social Media Building
In Q4 of 2022 which is starting next month, huge things are gonna happen:
• PuffGo Alpha Version
• PuffTown V1
• PuffGo FIFA Beta Version
In Q1 of 2023, our Official PuffGo will go alive, Android and iOS all supported:
• Official PuffGo Launch
• Token Launch
• In-game Tokenomic Circulation
• World Chat System
• Team Recruitment System
• Guidance System
• NFT Asset Customize
• Marketplace

In Q2 of 2023, PuffTown and PuffGo will be leveling up with the following:
• Character Selection
• Friend System
• Email System
• Ranking System
• Competitive Mode
• Hardware & PuffTown

In Q3 of 2023, PuffLand and UGC are our focus:
• PuffLand UGC
• Creator Program

And in Q4 of 2023, we’ll have PuffWorld Optimization and focus on SocialFi:
• PuffWorld – 3D verse
• Decentralized ID
• SocialFi
• Optimized Metaverse
• Optimized UGC

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