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AMA Recap: BC Blue Sky Ventures & Crypto Colosseum

🔔AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & Crypto Colosseum
🗓Time: 12 PM UTC / 7 PM UTC+7 – August 31th, 2022
Topper Bowers: CEO/Co-Founder
Olaniyi Oladokun: Community Management/Co-Founder

🎁Reward: 100$

Crypto Colosseum – A tournament game for #NFTs. Gain prestige, train hard and pursue glory in the #CryptoColosseum! 🔥

1️⃣ Project and Guest Introduction
2️⃣ Raise your questions on twitter right now!
3️⃣ Free Q&A at BC Blue Sky Ventures

Part 1: Introduction of the Project and Guests

Question 1. Firstly, can you give me brief introduction about Crypto Colosseum?

Topper Bowers:

Crypto Colosseum is a battle strategy game. It’s a game about gladiator battle, and the economy of Crypto Rome that revolves around that battle.

We’ve had a running top 10 game on Polygon for about a year (Crypto Colosseum: Classic), but what we’re here to talk about is Crypto Colosseum: Larva Maiorum which is bigger, badder, better. That is a 3D game, with individual characters, items, boons and live battles.

We’re getting there in stages and right now we’re minting Badges of Assembly, a graphic version of our Lore, and starting 7 September, we’re releasing our first mini-game.

It’s PlayToOwn and PlayAndEarn 🙂

I should also say that we’re going to give everyone here a Badge of Assembly too – but that might come tomorrow (we have to setup a code). That badge enables you to both mint our lore (starting tomorrow) and play the game when it comes out.

You can get a sense of our art, etc

Olaniyi Fabulous: Make sure to follow our twitter page to see more of our arts

Topper Bowers: Crypto Colosseum is set in Crypto Rome, which is an alternative past where the romans discovered something called Wootgump which is a plant that has the power to heal everything (even death). This sent the economy in a different direction because there was no consequence to the bloodsport. And now, the entire economy revolves around these gladiator battles. You, as the warrior patron, must guide your recruits to victory either in the colosseum or in various other paths (like warbanding or crafting).

Question 2: Please share a few major milestones of Crypto Colosseum during its development process

Topper Bowers: Well we can start by saying we have already built a successful game. Crypto Colosseum: Classic has a passionate community, and was often in the top 10 on Polygon by volume. We have around 50 gladiators over there and we still run 4 tournaments a day.

We have moved to the SKALE network and we’ve started building the community over there and are just now (starting tomorrow) building out the earliest experiences for folks to enjoy.

We’ve also been play testing the much bigger game already, but our plan is to release many small experiences, and reward our earliest, most passionate fans as we build out the bigger game.

We’ve had Badge of Assembly running for a few weeks now and we’ve had over 1k badges minted, we’ve been building out more lore with new visual storytelling, and Delph’s Table launches in just a week.

It’s been quite the ride and I know it’s cliched, but we’re just getting started.

Part 2: 5 questions collected before Twitter

Q1: @TrendellMarger4
Audits are critical to trust and security. has Crypto Colosseum conducted a smart contract audit to find out all loopholes and bugs in a Contract? How reliable and secure are your smart contracts? Have you audited it through either party?

Topper Bowers: Let me point out that every major hack in the DeFi space has been on audited code :). I have a mixed view on audits and while I think they are important for major protocols, I don’t believe they actually contribute much past peer review.

That said, when Crypto Colosseum touches money, we re-use audited code. In the classic game, for example, trades are on a fork of the uniswap codebase and assets are held in an OpenZeppelin contract (those are all audited).

Crypto Colosseum: Larva Maiorum uses a similar principle (although that project does not, yet, deal with external economic value). The contracts are entirely standard wherever possible and when we write our own, we get others to review.

Q2: @Cryptogirl2495
Maintaining the project’s input capital is the core factor to keep it growing. So can you tell me about sustainable growth and funding sources?

Topper Bowers: Firstly, we’re a venture-backed game. Second, we’re on a path to more sales in the game. Our first item for sale will probably be an upgrade for Delph’s Table.

If you look at you’ll notice that there is a section “Larva Maiorum” or “Masks of the Ancient Ones.” – that early genesis sale will also go to funding game development. That genesis sale guarantees the best Warriors or Artifacts to the holders of the masks. That will be our first crowd fund sale, when the time is right.

Over time, the various tribes in the game will sell masks, and items. The wootgump players start collecting now will also enable them to own some of these items at no cost.

Over time, our capital pool earns interest through staking, there are tournament entry fees, and NFT sales that all contribute to revenue. As well as sponsored games, etc. There’s a wealth of opportunity for us to keep going and maximize fun and profit for players and investors.

Q3: @StepNow0506
Currently nft games are no longer as popular as before, so many nft game projects have been forgotten, so do you have any plans for #CryptoColosseum to attract investors’ attention?

Topper Bowers: Love it! So here’s the thing… most games so far in crypto have been very crypto focused and not fun :). There’s also a new crop of games coming up wich tend to look a little more like AAA games… maybe fun looking games that add in some NFT ownership.

What’s missing in the space is the intersection: fun games that could only exist on the blockchain. And that’s where we sit. We’re a super technical team (We built our own L1 before), but we also have lots of experience in the space and have deep game design skills.

We know the market is trashed right now, so we’re taking our time to build out our lore, to build interesting and fun experiences for everyone, and to build a community that is tied together through Crypto Rome, a community that enjoys each other and the fun game we’re building.

In short, we’re building what *I* call a reall metaverse (different than what Zuck calls it)… a digital place that brings people together to have real human connection through a culture, with things to do… namely: have fun with games.

We’re also a bluechip on the SKALE network, which is growing *really* fast now too and we love to be part of that early community.

Q4: @niLonfedieMU
Does your project support staking programs? How does your stack system work? What do users need if they want to participate in your platform? Do you have a token burning plan to increase token value and attract investors to invest?

Topper Bowers:

So, in our litepaper we describe the mechanics behind “Warbanding” We’re also illustrating warbanding in our new minigame Delph’s Table. In a way that becomes a staking system. You send your recruits out to forage for you in the Arctic Jungle and they will level up while they are out there, and also bring you rewards.

This is the simplest part of the gameplay, you can literally just send ’em out and see what they get… and it acts as a staking system for the NFTs.

We are a PlayToOwn system so players can literally just get started now collecting wootgump if they want with no investment (but you’ll have to have a Badge of Assembly). Otherwise, when the bigger game launches you’ll probably want to have a Warrior, but there’s time for that and I’ll just say make sure to get the Wootgump now :).

As for the in-game fungible token: we have details of that in our lite-paper but it is not designed to be a totally floating token, and so there are no plans to buy that back for now.

Olaniyi Fabulous: link to the litepaper:

Q5: @Sar9nit_O6mino
At the time of trading for the operator it is important to have the necessary trading tools to perform a good analysis and therefore a good movement when operating. What tools does the your offer so that the trader feels comfortable when analyzing and operating in the market? 

Topper Bowers:
This is a tricky one to answer since we are primarly focused on being a fun game. We are building with standards though ERC-1155, ERC-721, ERC-20 and so as folks trade these, the normal tooling will be available to you. We also expect our assets to trade on major NFT marketplaces. Since we’re on SKALE we’ll start off primarily there, where NFTrade and a few other trading platforms are launching soon. 🔜

We also expect to do cross-chain minting as well, looking especially towards BNB at the moment.

and with that done, but happy to do any followup there

Part 3: Free Q&A at BC Blue Sky Ventures

Q1: @israt_6098
Is your Project A COMMUNITY only for English speaking an few countries or for users not of other languages?

A: Our project and community is not for English speakers only, it’s for all languages

Q2: @mistieferrara2001
How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

A: https://cryptocolosseum is the best place to go. It has links to our twitter, our discord, and our telegram. All of that is a great place for updates!

Q3: @Dinorahrigby
COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

A: Of course we’re affected, but we’re here for the long haul and what matters is community. We’re building through the bear!

Q4: @tubinhh
Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale?

A: – and yes there will be sales starting soon and the Genesis Mask collection wil be on soon™

Q5: @Wendelldugan
IS this project only for elite investors?

A: No! We are PlayToOwn – you can get started with no capital at all (even for gas).

For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:



Discord Channel:



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