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AMA Recap: BC Blue Sky Ventures & CoinTap

On March 28th, 2022, our community had a chance to Mr. Minh Chau – Business Development Director Of CoinTap to join in an AMA to give fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of Cointap – was created with the vision of becoming a metaverse that connects many blockchain games and traditional games in the market

Time: 2:00 PM UTC / 9:00 PM UTC+7 Monday, March 28th, 2022
Reward: 100$

Part 1- Project overview

Question 1: First, can you give us some information about CoinTap as well as what is the inspiration for people to create this project?
Of course ! This is also the first thing that I want to introduce to everyone here

CoinTap is a decentralized finance platform applying Web3 technology with the mission of promoting support for 3 main audiences: investors, businesses around the world (especially startups and SME) and Our partners develop a breakthrough based on Blockchain applications.

The products/services that CoinTap develops have practical value, follow the development trends of the Blockchain market and have their own competitive advantages. CoinTap’s development team always aims to make real profits from products/services in a clear and transparent way.

This is the most basic information about CoinTap

Question 2: What are the competitive advantages and improvements of CoinTap compared to competitors in the market? Please share with us your market expansion strategy (if any) in the near future?
Thank you team! The question is very to the point! Here, I will answer in the most general way about CoinTap’s improvements and market expansion strategy

CoinTap is developing a product ecosystem large enough to set long-term goals. We aim to develop and optimize products that are incomplete in the market to bring the best user experience. But that’s not why CoinTap thinks our goals are unrealistic, we plan our resources very carefully and understand that we need to focus on developing which products in which period. In 2022, the team’s first product to launch will be the Multichain Launchpad built to solve the “funding platform” story for future projects. Laying the foundation for the future development of the Blockchain market in general and the cryptocurrency market in particular.

What makes CoinTap different from competitors in the market is that CoinTap has a team that is always ready to learn, receive community input and improve its product continuously. . Therefore, the development of the DAO mechanism is a top priority to allow the community of investors holding $CoinTap to have the right to speak up to develop the project together. In addition, the factor that creates a competitive advantage in technology such as the development of Multichain-enabled products to increase the scalability of CoinTap applications with many different ecosystems will be a factor. in the essential solutions that CoinTap sees. Besides, there are many other limitations that CoinTap will try to overcome and optimize for users, which can be listed as follows:

+ The focus on optimizing costs.

+ Optimizing UX/UI for users.

+ Develop more Dapps to support users in addition to the main products.

+ The seriousness of comprehensive customer support.

And there are many other factors. Currently, CoinTap is aiming to develop in the international market with the perception and belief that the “flat world” has turned to “fast world” and “multi-world”. CoinTap team understands that finding the right partners is extremely important and will contribute to creating long-term development resources in the future.

Question 3: Can you share with us some events that CoinTap will launch in the near future?
On March 13, CoinTap opened its official office in Vietnam, the office is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City – 121 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 6, Binh Thanh District.

Besides, CoinTap is also promoting the registration of headquarters in Singapore to serve as an international diplomatic headquarters. With this event marks a strong start of CoinTap in the near future. Soon CoinTap will launch Airdrop campaign, and launch Seed and Private round fundraising. Along with that is promoting global marketing to prepare for the IDO opening event.

I can only reveal so much in front of my eyes! For more information, please follow CoinTap’s Channel to not miss the hottest CoinTap events in the near future!

Question 4: The CoinTap team is mostly Vietnamese, but most of the projects in Vietnam are labeled “Scam”. So how do you guys overcome this barrier?
Very practical question! This is also a pretty big hurdle for CoinTap! To answer this question, I would like to briefly convey the following:

CoinTap’s activities are always transparent and oriented to the long-term, typically investing in the headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City to serve CoinTap staff and receive messages from investors at Vietnam market.

We hope to overcome the negative barriers about Vietnamese projects that are standing in everyone’s mind.

In addition, 80% of CoinTap’s staff is a DEV team and the current CEO, Mr. Nhat Hoang, is also the main CTO of a similar project with Apply’s Case Study, who is a CEO from DEV. We aim to create the best products/services with competitive advantages in technology, not with fanciful designs to deceive our investors.

Therefore, CoinTap’s Roadmap is always clear as Q2 (late April and early May) will launch Multichain Launchpad supporting 3 Chains, Binance Chain, ERC-20 and Polygon with commitment to integrate more Sol or Near system in 2022.

Hope my information will help investors to be more confident in CoinTap team in particular as well as projects from Vietnam.

Question 5: CoinTap is talking a lot about the Multichain Launchpad product, so what do you think makes a successful Launchpad?
Thanks for the question team! This question is definitely getting a lot of attention from the community because our team is always thinking about the solution to this problem.

Talking about the success story of a Launchpad, it will be necessary to mention 3 main objects: investors, project creators and partners that CoinTap is connecting with.

1. Regarding the project, the factor that attracts projects to CoinTap will be that in addition to having censorship and consulting processes that help increase the success rate of raising capital, CoinTap also supports the project to develop in a long-term way. . We will help the project connect with the right Ventures, Community, and Kols to develop both in terms of communication and marketing. Besides, CoinTap also has SAAS (as a Service) services that provide integrated technology platforms for its partners.

2-3. About CoinTap investors and Partners will be Ventures, Community, Kols or other Launchpads and CoinTap will keep the connection through the development of long-term policies and Benefit Sharing mechanism will announced at the time of launch.

CoinTap always listens to the community and improves the product to best suit all customers! Hopefully the answer will help you better understand CoinTap’s upcoming Launchpad product.

Part 2: 5 questions pre-collected by Twitter

Question 1: @thangbeoscr
How’s your Launchpad upper-level team?
Quite a comprehensive question! CoinTap Launchpad is also divided into many different levels from low to high and arranged according to the most suitable level for each investor level! Our goal is that everyone can use our products! Specific figures will soon be published on our official website

Question 2: @Titanium2296
Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack mechanism or any Token burning scheme to increase the value of Tokens and attract investors to invest?
Currently, if you read through the project’s Litepaper, you will see that we are spending 40% on Buy back and Add Liquid, specifically 20% and 20%. At the present time, the team has calculated and weighed this amount to create the most benefits for our investors. And everyone, rest assured, all of CoinTap’s work will be completely transparent and official! I would like to end the answer to this question!

Question 3: @DanielaCardina6
Can you tell us some information about CoinTap as well as what is the inspiration for people to create this project?
This question is quite similar to the first question of Part 1, so I will answer it briefly:

CoinTap is a decentralized financial platform applying Web3 technology with the mission of promoting support for 3 main audiences: investors, businesses around the world (especially startups and SME). and our partners develop breakthroughs based on Blockchain.

Question 4: @ho_taii
Security is an important issue for all projects, how do you keep users’ funds safe while using your product? Do you plan to audit through a third party?
Very good question! Talking about Blockchain, security is the biggest flaw and the most difficult to solve!

The products / services that CoinTap develops have practical value, follow the development trend of the Blockchain market and have their own competitive advantages. CoinTap development team is always aiming to make real profit from products/services in a clear and transparent way.

Currently CoinTap has contacted and worked with a number of famous 3rd party auditors such as CertiK, Solid Group, .. to audit CoinTap’s Contract and will continuously look for other larger auditors to audit. for CoinTap. Everyone can use our products with complete peace of mind!

Question 1: @SddnLlimpi
I don’t have much money, can I join the launcher?
Thanks for your question!

The answer is yes ! As answered in the first question of part 2. We always balance everything and make it possible for all investors to use CoinTap products. One more little hint that our Tiers have been named and they are named: Member, Fan, Boss and Chairman respectively.

Part 3: Guests will choose 5 best live questions from members to answer directly in the group

Q1: When can you buy CoinTap tokens?
Thanks for your question!

Currently CoinTap has not listed any DEX yet! You should not buy any CoinTap related tokens right now lest you buy the wrong Token Scam!

CoinTap’s floor list is expected to be around May-June, then there will be specific information on our Channel!

Q2: I think NFT is really popular topic for NOW What is your opinion on NFT? I think NFT is really popular topic for NOW What is your opinion on NFT?
Great ! You are a very sensitive person! Actually CoinTap has been planning to bring its own NFT products into the CoinTap ecosystem and that is being tested and handled by the team! Many thanks for your question!

Q3: Sir, Community is very important for a project. While building your project, did you take community feedback and requests into account?
Thanks for your question! The answer is yes ! CoinTap is always community-oriented! That is also one of the central criteria of CoinTap! Responding to and supporting the community is also part of the entire CoinTap job! For feedback and support, you can join our communities to see more!

Q4: What is your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or the market / Exchange or the product?
Present! Community or market or product are factors that CoinTap always aims for! We always keep the fire on the community and in parallel always develop and perfect our products every day.

Q5: Partnership is one of the key elements for every project. Can you name some of CoinTap’s partners? What benefits do you get from them? And is there any partnership to be established in the near future?
Currently, CoinTap has a few major partners such as:

+ Annam Crypto

+ Dragon Ventures

+ Diamond Ventures

+ Azcoinvest

+ Duck Crypto

And the latest one is Center Of Gaming. We are still on the way of development and looking for major global partners




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