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AMA Recap: BC Blue Sky Ventures & Coinhub

🔔AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & Coinhub
🗓Time: 1 PM UTC / 8 PM UTC+7 – November 8th, 2022

🎤Guest: Angela – Coinhub Community Speaker

🎁Reward: 150$

Coinhub is a user-friendly multi-chain wallet. Your gateway to Web3.
Coinhub decentralized wallet serving the DeFi ecosystem, which has integrated 50+ public chains such as Bitcoin, ETH, BSC, Solana, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Cosmos and has cooperated with 2000+ DApps. And there are many airdrop event waiting for you.

Question 1. Could you give us a brief overview of Coinhub wallet?
Sure, I definitely love to share more information about Coinhub.

Coinhub is a multi-chain decentralized wallet serving the DeFi ecosystem, which has supported 50+ public chains such as Bitcoin, ETH, BSC, Solana, Avalanche, Tron, Costom and has cooperated with 2000+ DApps.

The cumulative number of addresses exceeds 1 million. Now our users are mainly distributed in Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Russia, followed by China, Japan, Africa and other places of users.

At the product level, we also support the mobile APP version and the Web plug-in version. That’s how Coinhub Wallet looks right now.
Coinhub Website:


Question 2. Are there any features or product highlights for Coinhub wallet?
Yes, there are many special features of Coinhub that is worth mentioning about.

1) Safe and Convenient
The users’ asset is save and the operations are convenient.
With just one click, users can easily generate and access to multi-chain wallets. And only one set of private key to manage them.

As you can see, you can select multiple chains at the same time and create a wallet with one click. This way you can manage multiple wallet accounts with one set of mnemonic phrases or private keys.

2) Thriving Ecosystem
With only one wallet account, You can already access to 40+ public chains and 2000+ on-chain DApps in Coinhub, experience the thriving ecosystem of Coinhub. And it is still growing.

This is a screenshot from our official website. There are other more projects and public chains, you can go to the official website to check.

3) Fully Functional
Coinhub has integrated a lot of functions including Transaction Exchange, ENS Domain Name, FIO Send, and Custom Public Chains Adding.

4) And we have supported NFTs in both ERC1155 & ERC721 formats.
At present, ERC1155 NFT can be displayed directly and automatically. ERC721 NFTs need to be added manually.


1st, NFT avatar display, which shows you Web3 identity, which also allows you to change the wallet background.
2nd, Asset market data, you can check the real time price of each token and their K-line on the asset page.

3rd, Switching different DApps, your recently used DApps will be shown on the top page, and you can easily access to them.

In addition, you can also switch to the recently used DApp through the DApp browser.

APP Download:


Question 3. Among the popular wallets in the market, Coinhub seems to be the only one that has not issued its own Token. Do you have any plans to issue a Token?
We have not issued official tokens yet. At the present stage, we hope to focus on polishing products, and do a good job in product functions and user services. In the future, we will comprehensively consider various aspects (such as product progress and market conditions, etc.) before considering whether to issue tokens.


Question 4. What’s the recent product updates of Coinhub? What do you do to improve the product and satisfy the user’s need?
Yes, we have recently updated Coinhub 2.6.5 Version. Some exciting news:

✅Support #Aptos Network
✅Support #Nebulas Network
✅Support #Zilliqa Network
✅Support .ethw #Domain
✅French version supported

So far, In order to better serve our global users, Coinhub APP have supported 8 languages. 🥰

Of course, we also released the Vietnamese version. That’s why we’re doing this AMA today. I think that now Coinhub can provide Vietnamese users with the best product experience, and I hope you can download Coinhub and use it. You can find Coinhub on AppStore and GooglePlay. 😊

We will keep working hard to polish and improve the products based on user’s feedback, please stay tuned for us.

Coinhub multi-chain wallet: Your gateway to #Web3. 😎


Question 5. What’s the recent marketing activities and partnership of Coinhub? What else activities can we look forward in the future?
We have recently started several partnerships with famous projects (both Networks and DApps), and lots of them contain significant airdrop rewards. Everyone can check our social media to know the latest activities on Coinhub.

As for the future, Coinhub will access to more public chains and DApps, with more upcoming marketing activities!


Question 6. When was Coinhub wallet launched?
Coinhub officially launched in June 2021. But we have been preparing since the end of the 2020. In addition, our team members are all developers and practitioners of the blockchain industry with nearly ten years of experience. Now we strive to polish our product and build foundation in the bear market.


Question 7. What would you like to say to Coinhub wallet users?
First of all, we must remind you that no matter which wallet you use, you must pay attention to the issue of asset security. Because there are more and more ways to steal money in the decentralized world, it is easy for users who are new to the decentralized wallet to believe the strangers, resulting in the loss of assets. So please keep the following points in mind:

❌1) Don’t click on links from unknown sources, and don’t copy unfamiliar links into your wallet and approve them. Because this kind of approval is equivalent to giving your assets transfer authority to someone else, then your assets will be transferred.

❌2) Don’t believe the messages from strangers, don’t believe the news that the deposit money will earn interest when the strangers tell you.

❌3) Normal wallet admins will never DM you, so please be sure to verify the identity of the person who DM you.

❌4) Remember to make a backup of the mnemonic/private key in time after creating the wallet.

Not only have the consciousness of investment and financial management, but also have the consciousness of safety protection.

In addition, I would like to tell you that we hope you can keep supporting Coinhub wallet. Coinhub has comprehensive functions, and there are a lot of airdrop activities. If you have any suggestions about wallet, please feel free to let us know. We will respond very soon.😘😘😘



For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:

Google play:



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