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AMA Recap BC Blue Sky Ventures & Bixos

🔔AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & Bixos

🗓Time: 12 PM UTC – July 18th, 2023
🎤Guest: Umurcan Gorur – Co – Founder & CTO Bixos
🎁Reward: 100$


What is Bixos?

Bixos, a cutting-edge blockchain development company established in 13.03.2020. Since our founding, we have been dedicated to revolutionizing the way we interact with the digital world. We specialize in delivering innovative solutions across a range of blockchain technologies, including NFT-Stake, GameFi, Crypto Payment Gateway, Advanced DAO, and Real Estate NFT Conversion.


Part 1: Introduction of the Project and Guests


Question 1. Can you briefly describe what is Bixos? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

A: Bixos is a project that aims to bridge the gap between the real estate world and the blockchain. Similar to how Tether connects real-world dollars to the blockchain, we are connecting real-world real estate to the blockchain. Our revolutionary project seeks to open up the possibilities of buying and selling real estate from anywhere in the world, leveraging the opportunities provided by blockchain technology. With our groundbreaking approach, we are set to create the world’s first global real estate marketplace.


Question 2: What are the products that the Bixos team is focusing on developing?

A: Currently, our primary focus is the completion of our real estate marketplace software and making necessary adjustments to our Bixpay payment infrastructure project based on feedback received during the private beta testing phase. Additionally, we are actively working on real estate conversions in Germany and the Netherlands. In terms of marketing, we are also conducting extensive efforts to expand our reach in Asia and implement comprehensive marketing strategies in the region.


Question 3: What are the outstanding features of the Bixos project compared to other projects?  If possible also share your roadmap?

A: We are not only working on blockchain-related projects but also aiming to make unprecedented advancements in traditional finance. Our primary focus is the development of a global real estate marketplace, and we are actively working on its implementation. In the coming weeks, we will share screenshots of the progress we have made, and in a few months, we plan to launch the alpha version. Additionally, we continue to develop Bixpay, and in the upcoming months, we will initiate the public beta phase for this payment infrastructure. done


Question 4: Can you tell us about your token metrics and what incentives are available to investors when buying $UBXS tokens?

A: Our UBXS token boasts a robust community with over 20,000 holders, including a highly active global community of 20,000 members and a dedicated Turkish community of 2,000 members. We are listed on three centralized exchanges (Gate, MEXC, and Probit) as well as two decentralized exchanges (PancakeSwap and ApeSwap).


Currently, we have implemented a social staking system for UBXS token holders. By sharing our project on social media, you have the opportunity to increase your annual percentage rate (APR) by up to 100% and earn additional interest on your holdings. In addition, we have developed a captivating game called Palm Island, where you can create your own island and invite friends to embark on a treasure hunt to earn UBXS tokens. This gamified experience adds an exciting and interactive element to our ecosystem.


Question 5: Can Bixos team please update some Bixos latest news or major events to attract more users ?

A: We have successfully conducted the first reproducible real estate to NFT conversion in France, which is a groundbreaking achievement. In the upcoming weeks, we will be expanding our conversion efforts to Germany and the Netherlands, further establishing our presence in these markets.

We are proud to introduce our innovative and one-of-a-kind social staking system, which is the first of its kind in the world. By actively promoting our project on social media, you have the opportunity to increase your APR and enhance your earnings with UBXS tokens. This unique staking system allows you to leverage the power of social media to maximize your rewards and engage with our community. done


Part 2: 5 questions collected before Twitter


Q1: @Deokja_Im
Hi @Bixosinc, can I get more details about Bixpay? I see it has a lot of potential in the future and the team is taking care of it

A: BixPay, emerged as a separate project with the aim of providing a secure and fast infrastructure to facilitate the millions of dollars worth of blockchain transactions required for real estate. We recognized the need for a blockchain payment system and developed BixPay to address this demand. Our ultimate goal is to become the “PayPal” of the blockchain world.

BixPay enables sellers to easily accept cryptocurrency payments, offering a seamless solution for blockchain-based transactions. Additionally, it empowers end-users to effortlessly transfer funds among themselves, whether it’s on social media platforms, e-commerce websites, or peer-to-peer transfers. With a simple tweet on Twitter or a comment on Twitch, you can swiftly execute crypto transfers, making transactions quick and convenient.


Q2: @BrandiPete1866
What is the target market of Bixos, can you tell us if you have any plans to drive adoption globally or if the project is only for certain countries, you How will the largest number of users be reached?


A: Currently, the global real estate transaction volume stands at 7 trillion dollars, with only a fraction of around 100 billion dollars being international transactions. Among these international transactions, 50% can be attributed to Asians investing in real estate in Europe and America. Our primary focus is to provide unparalleled convenience to Asians engaging in real estate transactions in Europe and America. Additionally, we have identified Dubai as our second market, with high demand for real estate investments from non-G20 countries. This serves as our secondary focus area.

We have also formed partnerships with real estate developers in Dubai with the aim of converting their properties into NFTs. Additionally, we have established partnerships to enable the fractionalization of these NFTs, allowing small investors to participate in fractional real estate investments in Dubai. One of our partners is nearing the launch of their platform specifically designed for this purpose.


Q3: @Duyanh05184383
Partners and marketing are crucial for adoption, it’s also important to have translation programs or local communities to pass information across to non English speakers,Would there be form of marketing and are there plans to partner with other projects?

A: We fully agree with your statement, and that’s why our primary focus is to establish strong marketing partnerships in Asian markets for real estate sales in Europe and America. We are currently engaged in discussions with prominent marketing leaders in Asia to forge strategic partnerships, and we will announce these collaborations in the near future. One of our noteworthy partnerships is with Probit. Additionally, we are actively engaged in initiatives aimed at building local communities to further enhance our presence and engagement. done


Q4: @huuphuc_92
Does Bixos support staking program? How is your stake system work, what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in your platform?

A: Currently, our Social Stake program is actively ongoing. By participating in the system through referrals, you have the chance to earn up to 100% APR. It is the first of its kind in the world, allowing you to increase your APR through social media sharing for UBXS. Additionally, there is a referral competition where you have the opportunity to earn even more UBXS at the end of the season. You also earn a 10% commission from the stakes made by the referrals you bring in.

Your assets are securely stored in the form of an NFT, ensuring their protection. In times of financial urgency, you have the option to sell your NFT to another party, providing you with the necessary funds without any apprehension or concern.


Q5: @Apon345
Launching Projects in a bull run is  much more profitable than during the bear cycle. In a bear run where most of the projects fail and sometimes go into oblivion, how will your project stand the test of time? What strategies do the project employ to mitigate possible losses?

A: By introducing a high APR stake program for those who believed in and supported our project during the bear market, we were able to reduce the costs for many of our holders. Additionally, throughout this process, we have completed the legal framework in 20 countries, including all 50 states in the United States. We are now prepared for real estate conversions in 21 countries with at least two lawyers, facilitated by our legal team.

During the bear market, we worked on our project to establish a solid foundation and provided our investors with a unique stake system, enabling them to reduce their costs. done


Part 3: Free Q&A at BC Blue Sky Ventures


Question 1 @ChristianWeir2002
Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and sustain. So how does your project plan to generate profit and revenue?

A: Currently, intermediaries in international real estate transactions typically charge fees ranging from 10% to 20%. With our system, payments made with UBXS will incur a fee of approximately 1-2%, while payments made without UBXS will have a fee of around 2-4%. Given that each transaction often involves hundreds of thousands of dollars, this will generate a substantial revenue stream.

Furthermore, BixPay will apply a maximum fee of 0.5% for payments made with UBXS, and a fee of 1% for payments made without UBXS. By staking UBXS within the BixPay system, you can increase your user level and enjoy lower fees.

Within the marketplace, you will also be able to access various services using UBXS, such as promoting your listings or adding decorative frames. In the future, we will introduce additional auxiliary projects for real estate, creating further revenue streams (such as insurance and inheritance services).


Question 2 @Marva_sowell
Security and anonymity are always prioritized by BlockChain projects in the development of project platforms and technologies. So, does you have any technological solutions or plans to enhance user trust in these issues?

A: In order to ensure reliability, we will establish a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to oversee and audit all processes. Additionally, our asset reserves will undergo continuous proof-of-reserve evaluations conducted by trusted third-party organizations.

Regarding anonymity, our project will have a two-tiered structure. To personally use the real estate you own as an NFT, you will be required to provide the necessary legal documentation to the respective governments. This process will compromise your anonymity. However, if you have acquired the real estate for investment purposes and do not intend to use it personally, you will not need to go through this documentation process, allowing you to maintain a higher level of anonymity on the blockchain.

As we deal with real-world assets, we must comply with the rules and regulations set by governments, including anti-money laundering and real estate laws, which require us to uphold the principles of anonymity.


Question 3 @Roxanna657
Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.

A: As we have developed this project as a solution to an existing real-world problem, it also serves as a promising solution for non-crypto users. Some of our partners, whom we have engaged in discussions or collaborations with, will focus on fractional sales of real estate NFTs to non-crypto individuals.

Furthermore, if I may provide an example from our own country, in Istanbul, a small 1+1 apartment is sold for the same price as a 5+2 duplex villa in Miami Beach, with rental income in Miami being several times higher than in Istanbul. The opportunities created by our platform for non-crypto investors and similar advantages will make it easier for them to join our system and be part of the blockchain world.


Question 4 @Yuriko_Henson_1993
The strong opponent of new build projects is the bloody state of the crypto market. What solid strategy are you planning to make,, to keep your project strong and healthy despite the difficult situation the entire crypto industry is now facing

A: We have been working on this project for over two years, and we have established a strong network of lawyers in 21 countries to ensure a solid legal foundation. As this project is viewed as an endeavor to make a mark in history rather than a quick money-making venture for all founders and employees, we have been deliberate and cautious in every step we take. When you look at the best projects in the crypto world, you will see that they have all gone through a lengthy development process. In the coming days, we will have more developments and news to share as we strive to be among them. Our aim is to be the best because without aiming for the top, you cannot establish yourself among the elite.


Question 5 @Joelrichie37
Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

A: Our in-house team consists of more than 20 individuals, with the majority being software engineers. Additionally, with our outsourced workers, there are over 50 people actively involved in the development of the project. Furthermore, we have connections with over 100 lawyers in 21 countries, with a minimum of two lawyers in each country. The members of our in-house team are among the best in their respective fields in Turkey, and our shared goal is to make a lasting mark in history with this project.


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