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AMA Recap BC Blue Sky Ventures & BitMake

🔔AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & BitMake

🗓Time: 1 PM UTC – May 25th, 2023
🎤Guest: David – Marketing Director Of BitMake
🎁Reward: 150 USDT

BitMake – a global exchange for retail and especially the professional users to trade Spot and Futures.


Part 1: Introduction of the Project and Guests

Question 1: First, please have David introduce the BitMake platform.

A: Sure, thank you, @ngohoangphuc. I’m David, the marketing director of BitMake. I’m glad to be here today to help you all better understand BitMake.

📌 Introduction:

BitMake ( is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange based in Dubai.

It was founded in 2021 and officially launched its products in July 2022. Currently, it offers professional crypto trading services such as futures trading, spot trading, and lending, rendering our services in more than 30 countries and regions with over 1 million users worldwide.

BitMake adopts a leading technology architecture with proprietary intellectual property rights in the industry. With the unified trading account feature, it aims to create the safest, most stable, transparent, and accessible platform for all users.

Additionally, BitMake has demonstrated exceptional performance during extreme market conditions. Thus, it has received well-deserved acknowledgment from investors and capital.

Furthermore, BitMake actively embraces regulation and operates in compliance with policies and regulations in various countries. It recently obtained MSB licenses from countries such as Canada and the United States in May, accelerating its global expansion process.

Question 2: It’s a very competitive market among all exchanges in the industry, how does BitMake stand out?


1st. Product Experience

The product itself is always the core competitive advantage for all platforms. Right now, we‘ve achieved a smooth UX with an advanced design of the unified trading account feature that significantly improves users asset utilization and yet supports multiple currencies as margins, providing our users with more trading portfolio options.

2.Assets Security

BitMake employs cutting-edge encryption techniques to safeguard users’ digital assets and critical information. Advanced threat detection systems are in place to monitor and protect BitMake from potential cyberattacks and APT(An advanced persistent threat).

BitMake has a very responsive and experienced customer support team, ready to assist users with any security concerns.

3rd Platform Compliance and Regulations

To push BitMake’s global expansion, we are actively applying for regulatory licenses in countries and regions including Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, and more. We have already obtained MSB licenses in countries such as Canada and the United States.

Question 3: Products as your core competitive advantage, so where does that reflect?


1. Unified Trading Account, Setting a New Benchmark for Derivative Products: BitMake’s unified trading account mechanism does not have a single restriction on the types of assets or settlement standards for your margin, and yet it is highly flexible, It also supports features such as automatic borrowing and over-withdrawal, making improvements in capital utilization and trading convenience possible.

2. Reduce Position Risks for Our Users: With the support of the unified account, all assets available will serve as collateral for positions as margin. At the same time, BitMake adopts a more friendly liquidation mechanism to ensure users’ trading experience, where the liquidation will only be triggered when a user’s risk ratio reaches 100%. Compared to other platforms, the likelihood of users positions being forced to liquidate is lower.

3. Flexible Products That Meet the Different Trading Needs of Our Users: For most users, one main account is completely enough for their trading needs, and it will not just effectively reduce trading risks but also extends the users’ trading cooling-off period. However, considering the needs of more professional users, BitMake has designed a more flexible account system. Each user can create five independent sub-accounts for convenient fund management and risk isolation.

Question 4: The unified trading account is a product that many users may not be familiar with. Could you please give us a detailed introduction to it?


Sure. The unified trading account (UTA) is actually quite easy to understand. Let me give you an example: Imagine you have a globally accepted bank card. With this card, you can freely do transactions in various countries and regions, and even if you don’t have the local currency, you can still make payments using the currencies available on your card from other countries.

And of course, the unified trading account offers several unique advantages, such as:

1. More Convenience Trading Experience: Users can do spot trading, spot leverage trading(this is very unique), futures trading, and lending and financing services using multiple currencies within the same trading account. This greatly simplifies the trading process.

2. Multi-Currency Support: As long as traders have any margin assets in their trading account, they can conduct transactions using those assets.

3. Reduced Liquidation Risk: The unified trading account mechanism allows trading profits and losses to offset one another. For example, if your spot position is making a profit while your futures position is experiencing a loss, the offsetting function will significantly reduce the risk of liquidation for your futures position. Thereby enabling trading hedging within a single account.

4. Increased Asset Utilization: This is quite remarkable! With a unified trading account, any unrealized derivative profits can be used as margin that allows you to open new positions, thereby maximizing asset utilization. For example, if your current futures position has made a profit of 100 USDT and you haven’t closed it yet, you can use this 100 USDT to open new positions or increase the position of the existing ones.

5. Automatic Borrowing and Over-Withdrawal: This feature allows our users to borrow assets when transferring funds from the trading account to the wallet account, enabling over-withdrawal.

Question 5: As far as I know, there are not many platforms that support the unified trading account feature. What do you think is the necessity of launching this product function?


The necessity of launching the unified trading account feature lies in providing convenience for professional traders while enabling a low-risk and fast trading experience for a larger proportion of retail users.

As we explained earlier about the advantages of this feature, there is another point that is worth mentioning: I believe everyone might have this problem that when you trade on an exchange, you need to transfer funds between different accounts and convert them into the required tradable currencies, which is very troublesome and low in efficiency. Given the fact that the crypto market is changing rapidly and the price fluctuates greatly in a short time. Which means, any delay in transfer may cause you to miss opportunities or increase the risk of account liquidation. The unified trading account saved all users from doing so, making this feature a necessity.

Therefore, BitMake planned ahead during the initial product design phase, allowing us to take a leading position in this race.

As for why there are currently only a few platforms supporting the unified trading account feature, it is mainly related to the R&D department capabilities of each platform. Although this feature is widely recognized as excellent, it requires elite R&D capabilities. OKEx introduced the unified trading account feature at the end of 2020, but due to certain technological limitations two years ago, its functionality had some restrictions. The introduction of this feature by top exchanges like Binance and Bybit was also preceded by a long R&D period, and they only launched this functionality within the past six months.

Therefore, BitMake planned ahead of time when designing all product lines, allowing us to take the lead on this track.

Question 6: It seems that BitMake has done quite well in terms of its products. What are the next steps for development?


Subsequently, we will mainly focus on two aspects.

Firstly, brand building and marketing activities.

Brand image is our intangible asset and the best way for users to intuitively measure our capability. In the future, we will do our best to work with well-known investors, public chains, platforms, and media agencies for an in-depth collaboration on BitMake from multiple perspectives, seeking more exposure and cooperation in terms of activities.

In terms of marketing activities, we uphold an innovative attitude. We are about to launch the industry’s first bonus campaign based on a unified trading account! Users can receive generous bonus rewards for completing registration, deposits, and transactions at every step. Each person can receive up to 1605 USDT! In addition, we will also hold large-scale trading competitions for global users, with even higher rewards!

The second part is product improvement.

Although our existing products are already leading the industry, market and user demands are constantly changing, so we will not slow down the pace of product iteration. Leaning on our strong R&D capabilities, we have already planned a series of development initiatives, such as futures copy trading and various trading strategies for users to use.

Question 7: I believe that community members are most interested in the massive bonus program you just mentioned. Could you please explain more about it to us?


Indeed, let me explain the bonus program to everyone.

The upcoming bonus program allows everyone to get as much as 1605 USDT!

Here’s what it includes and that is the most friendly reward for our community members:

You may claim Sign-Up and joining the group ( bonus for free, and we also have a double bonus giveaway for you and your friends when they register through your invitation link in our Referral program.

Additionally, there are various other bonus rewards for activities like deposits, trades, etc. Furthermore, the platform will airdrop bonuses to users once in a while, especially during special occasions, where exclusive USDT bonuses are prepared for community members and active users.

The bonus can be used directly for trading, and it will be prioritized for covering transaction fees and losses. Moreover, profits made from trading with bonuses can be withdrawn, making it very intriguing.

Based on the understanding you just learnt about the unified trading account, you know that many major cryptocurrencies can be used as margin. This increases the difficulty of designing bonus programs under such circumstances.

BitMake has become the first exchange to launch a bonus program for unified trading accounts. When comparing our bonus program to other platforms, if the bonus amount they offer is higher than ours, the task difficulty is also higher. Conversely, platforms with lower task difficulties will have lower bonus amounts as well. So, our bonus program is very friendly for everyone to participate in.

Question 8: Besides the bonus program, are there any other rewards prepared for our community members today?

We have prepared rewards for everyone, haha! for those who will answer the quiz correctly will get chance to win 10 USDT each for 10 people and rewards will be credited within 7 working days.

We highly encourage everyone to follow BitMake on Twitter and join the communities for more giveaway campaigns to come. We have at least 10 events held every month where we directly airdrop the rewards to everyone in their UID of BitMake. So you won’t miss any airdrop opportunities!

BitMake Twitter:
BitMake English Community:

Part 2: 3 questions collected before Twitter

Question 1: How does Bitmake ensure the security and protection of user funds and personal information?



At Bitmake, we prioritize the security and protection of user funds and personal information. We have implemented robust measures to ensure a secure trading environment. Here’s how we safeguard your assets and data:

1. Advanced Security: We use encryption, firewalls, and SSL technology to protect user data.

2. Secure Wallets: User funds are stored in offline, cold storage wallets.

3. Two-Factor Authentication: We offer 2FA for added account security.

4. Regulatory Compliance: We follow KYC procedures to prevent fraud and ensure user legitimacy.

5. Regular Audits: We conduct security audits to identify and address vulnerabilities.

We are committed to continuously enhancing our security measures to stay ahead of evolving threats and provide a safe trading environment for our users. Rest assured, your funds and personal information are our top priority.

Question 2: Does Bitmake have a public API that allows developers to integrate their own tools or trading algorithms?



Yes, Bitmake does offer a public API that allows developers to integrate their own tools or trading algorithms. It provides a way for external applications to interact with Bitmake’s platform programmatically. Developers can access market data, execute trades, manage accounts, and receive real-time notifications through the API. By leveraging the API, developers can build custom trading bots, analytical tools, or other applications to enhance their trading experience on Bitmake. Detailed documentation and resources are typically available on our website to assist developers in integrating their tools or algorithms effectively.

Question 3: Could you please summarize, what Bitmake is and its offers to users?


BitMake is a cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to provide a safe, reliable, fair, and transparent trading experience.

We offer high-speed digital currency trading services with a proprietary technological architecture for professional investors and investment institutions.

BitMake simplifies the trading process with a unified margin mechanism that allows users to trade in multiple currencies within a single trading account.

We also offer a cross-margin model that eliminates the need to manage multiple wallets, currencies, and clearings.

BitMake has a tiered fee structure and offers a referral program that benefits both parties.

We prioritize user security by offering dual authentication, anti-phishing passwords, and address management.

BitMake’s customer service is available 24/7 through various platforms, and their mobile application offers advanced charting tools, real-time market data, and strong security measures.

In conclusion:

BitMake is a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform that prioritizes user safety and transparency. Its unified margin mechanism simplifies trading, supports multiple currencies, and lowers liquidation risk.
In addition, the platform boasts strong security measures, 24/7 customer support via chat, and a mobile app with advanced charting tools and news updates. In conclusion, BitMake is a trustworthy platform for trading cryptocurrencies.


Question 4: How does Bitmake ensure the security and protection of user funds and personal information?

Bitmake prioritizes user account security by implementing measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA), withdrawal whitelisting, SSL encryption, and a combination of cold storage and multi-signature wallets.

Users can enable 2FA for an additional layer of protection, and withdrawal whitelisting ensures funds are only sent to approved addresses. SSL encryption safeguards user communication and data transmission. Bitmake’s use of cold storage and multi-signature wallets enhances fund security by keeping the majority of funds offline and requiring multiple authorized signatures for transactions. Remember to practice good personal security practices as well, such as using unique and strong passwords, regularly updating software and devices, and being cautious of phishing attempts or suspicious links.

Question 5: Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?


📌BitMake Social Media Channels:
🎇Telegram Chat
🎇Telegram Announcements

📌BitMake General Links:
📺Register a new account
🍎iOS App
🤖Android App
🚨Support Page
🌐BitMake Academy
📲BitMake FAQ

Part 3: Quiz

1. What is the total amount of BitMake bonus program you can avail?

A: 1605

2. what are the uta features

A: above all

3. What can do on BitMake?

A: above all

4. What is the official website


5. Is there UTA – Unified Trading account?

A: – Yes

6. What is the maximum amount a user can withdraw without KYC?

A: 100,000 USDT

7. Is KYC required to trade?

A: No

8. What is the official telegram community group?


9. When is BitMake launch date?

A: July 2022

10. Can I borrow and repay coins on BitMake?

A: Yes

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