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AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & CREFI Protocol

🔔AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & CREFI Protocol
🗓Time: 1 PM UTC / 8 PM UTC+7 – August 28th, 2022
🎤Guest: Dan Ronchese (CEO)
🎁Reward: 100$

CREFI Protocol – The Highest Paying, Auto-Everything, Token in the world that is 100% Rug Proof. Highest Fixed APY in Crypto – 400,000% !


Part 1: Introduction of the Project and Guests

1. Firstly, can you give me brief introduction about your management team and CREFI PROTOCOL?

My name is Dan Ronchese I am the founder and CEO of CREFI, we developed CREFI at the beginning of the Bear market to offer the ultimate in convenient passive income.
Our main focus was to secure the protocol through decentralisation, making sure that holders are able to retain 100% self custody.
This is key to the attraction of CREFI because it pays a very high APY and does not require any actions from the holder.
Its stored in your decentralized wallet and you have full control over your investment at all times. We are confident that the combination of control, custody and automatic functionality makes earning passive income from CREFI very easy and rewarding.


2. Please share a few major milestones of CREFI PROTOCOL during its development process
When we set about designing CREFI we wanted to create The Buy-Hold-Earn function, a straightforward yet innovative element of the CREFI Auto-Stake feature, offers $CREFI holders the utmost in user-friendliness. By just purchasing and keeping $CREFI token in your wallet, you can receive rebase benefits in the form of interest payments. Every 15 minutes, you will receive more tokens.


Part 2: 5 questions collected before Twitter

Q1: @VenitaSturch
A common problem is that nowadays most investors are only interested in initial profits and ignore long-term benefits! So can you give them some benefit they should buy and keep your CREFI Token for the long term?
Well CREFI is designed to eliminate such issues by delivering exactly what an investor wants. If you consider the frequent rebase and rapid rate of growth, CREFI has been designed to hold and sell profits. CREFI is a passive income protocol, the benefits of holding are sent to the user’s wallet every 15 minutes in the form of rebase rewards. This makes it very easy to Hold your bag and simply sell profits on a regular basis.


Q2: @haiyaa_oden
I know that CREFI Protocol is being developed on the BSC network. Does your team intend to develop it on more networks? such as matic, solana,…
Before we deployed on BSC we had already done a thorough analysis on all of the smartchain offerings, We chose BEP20 as an ideal format that offers a stable network and relative low costs per transaction.

At this stage we have some plans to deploy on other chains, you will need to stay tuned for announcements related to that.


Q3: @PinkPanther343
Can you some features of CREFI PROTOCOL that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?
CREFI benefits from a wide range of supportive systems and features, once again everything happens automatically and CREFI remains really simple to use.
Our CreFi Auto-Liquidity Engine (CALE), the CreFi Insurance Fund (CIF), the CreFi Longterm Interest Cycle (CLIC), as well as safeguards in place which secure against malicious hack attempts, are just a few of the proprietary mechanisms we have in place that offer many improvements over our competitors.
With our Auto-Burn Fire Pit structure, low starting supply, and shorter 15-minute Epochs for a much more linear APY progression of attainability, CreFi’s tokenomics are also totally unique.


Q4: @ManfrediniLore2
Can you share about the Auto Staking program? Why is APY so high? is it high risk?
The first 12 months of CREFI staking delivers 400,000% APY but after that it gets reduced by 10x, which means that the first year is the time to be staking to maximize the gains that are only possible in that first year. Long term the APY remains very comeptitive and is able to sufficiently support the long term interest cycle ensuring endless passive income.
Its important to note that holders who wish to achieve the maximum APY of 400,000% over 1 year, they should not sell any profits. Because CREFI is auto-compounding, the only way to reach the max APY is by leveraging the auto compounding to its maximum by not selling any token for the first year.


Q5: @VarandaAlisa222
A question that a lot of users want the project to answer, has CREFI PROTOCOL been audited? Is your liquidity locked?

The LP has been locked until 2049, the protocol does not function that far in to the future. Our protocol only pays rewards for a total of 15 years and then it stops. So the liquidity has been locked well beyond the life span of the protocol.


Part 3: Free Q&A at BC Blue Sky Ventures

Q1: @timeand6
Is your project A community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages??Thanks Sir?Is your project A community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages??Thanks Sir?
We have recently setup a group for Vietnamese community

Q2: @galarza_1998
Do you have any ongoing or upcoming reward program events, please let us know in detail &do you have any ambassador program as well as your project? More communities hold events to attract more people. That is also the main thing to attract project investors
At the moment we are running another Liquidity round, we have aims to sell OTC from the treasury (users save taxes) we will then use some of the funds raised to add more LP and then lock it, as well as beef up our advertising spend with the remaining funds.


Q3: @Cami_higgs
Can u asnwer my question How can I buy this token? Is it available on any exchange?
Its very easy to buy CREFI, we have LP on PCS but you can use any number of platforms to actually buy, Obviously Pancake Swap is the best place to buy.


Q4: @sonSnead37
What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?
We have extensive community outreach campaigns through our primary project, CREFI was designed to be easy to use, this factor makes it quite easy to teach non crypto users. Most of my friends got onto CREFI and a lot of them have never used crypto before.

Q5: @qatar20227
Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?🥬
We have the whitepaper available here : as well as an easy to use dApp which is accessed via metamask.


For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:
💻 Website:
📱Telegram Vietnam:
📱 Github:
📱 Email:

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