Who are we?

We are a group of members who have been doing trading and marketing for many crypto projects with more than 3 years of experience

We met by chance when the same thought created a ventures community specializing in investing in nft game projects, web 3,....so we cooperated together to create BC Blue Sky Ventures has grown up to now

What we offer

Marketing Service

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Meet our dedicated

Our Team


CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

Representing the top brands of many crypto communities. Bringing traditional marketing excellence to the blockchain space.

Hoang Ngoc Thach

CIO - Chief Information Officer

Provide information for many large projects in the blockchain field

Steve Dave

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

The chairman of the board of directors holds the most power and authority on the board of directors and is the head of the company's management and chief executive officer.

Ngo Hoang Phuc

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

The young man is passionate about technology, ambition and independence and dedication to creating the future of the metaverse industry.

Hiep Nguyen

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Goal oriented mind with extensive experience in leading complex and strategic projects.