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🔔AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & NEO FANTASY

🔔AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & NEO FANTASY
🗓Time: 13:00 PM UTC / 20:00 PM UTC+7 – August 13h, 2022
🎤Guest: Carrey Watson – PR Manager of NEO FANTASY
🎁Reward: 100$

NEO FANTASY – a blockchain-based ACGN metaverse game that combines NFT and DeFi intothe gameplay in-depth, creating an ACGN world full of surprises for users who like to exploretheMetaverse by ACGN RPG games!

Part 1: Introduction of the Project and Guests

First Question: Firstly, can you give me brief introduction about your management team and NEO Fantasy?

Great! Let me begin with the introduction of our team.

To encourage more players to participate in and enjoy the prosperity of Metaverse, NEXTYPE and its ecological partner GND STUDIO have jointly created NEO FANTASY, the world’s first ACGN IDLE RPG game with on-chain player autonomy.

The team of NEXTYPE is composed of pioneers in the game industry, blockchain technology geeks, fintech elites, who have worked for NGBI/Activision/Standard Chartered Bank/Reuters/McClaughill, and other global well-known companies.

The core members are in the USA, Russia, Japan, Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia, with distributed collaboration as the primary way of working.


NEO FANTASY is a blockchain-based ACGN metaverse game that combines NFT and DeFi into the gameplay in-depth, creating an ACGN world for users who like to explore the Metaverse by ACGN RPG games!

In NEO FANTASY, players array NFT Heroes to fight against the invasion of the Ancient Demons, complete the defense task, occupy Eternal Rock, and maintain the economic balance.

In addition, each hero has a unique personality, battle position, skill, and story. Players can fully enjoy the fun of NFT Hero collecting and training through multi-line training strategies.

Meanwhile, there are massive and creative dungeons in the game, allowing players to apply multi-strategies, play and stop anytime, and win rich rewards

Question 2: Please share a few major milestones of NEO Fantasy during its development process
We began to plan our product, develop art, the game system, and the Tokenomic Model
in 2021 Q3.

Then moving to the R&D phase in 2021 Q4, when we completed the smart contract programming and fundraising.

Since 2022 Q1, system optimization and website development have been finished.
Next is the Spreading Phase in 2022 Q2, in which our team did business validation and game operation preparation

Currently, we are in the growth phase (2022 Q3).
Recently we have done several preparations regarding Marketing preparation and PR preparation. In addition, there will be other milestones in the growth phase, such as the NFT Issuance and Trading, List on Top-tier DEXs To Expand Liquidity, Auto Chess System Development, and so on.

In terms of our future plan. By the end of 2022, we will create a new world of ACGN, where players can enjoy the game, airdrop and transaction. In 2023, NEO FANTASY will support any NFT to enter the virtual world for socializing, gaming, petting, partying and fashion shows. A gentle and fun new world of ACGN will welcome all your participation then.

Part 2: 5 questions collected before Twitter

Q1: @WildenMelvin
NEO Fantasy is the product of Nextype team? I see them doing quite a few projects
NEXTYPE is the world’s leading blockchain game integrated distribution platform providing players with top blockchain game experience,and dedicated to building a coming Gameverse.
The product layouts of NEXTYPE Ecosystem consist of MiningTycoon, NFT Master, NFT, NT Gamebox, IGO, Incubator, etc.

MiningTycoon is the Economic System Engine of NEXTYPE. Its core function is to produce NEXTYPE’s platform token NT. Players could stake to mine NEXTYPE ecology token $NT in several exciting ways. Try it to Play2Earn here:

NFT Master is the NFT asset aggregator of NEXTYPE ecology. It contains not only regular market trading functions but also other functions such as auction, minting, synthesis, and lending, which significantly enhance the liquidity of NFT assets. Link to NFT Master V2:

NT GameBox is an integrated platform for blockchain games launched by NEXTYPE, which will gather all types of blockchain games, on which players can quickly find the fun games they want, and achieve convenient and fast access for players. Link to NT GameBox:

NEXTYPE has also launched NEXTYPE Incubator. We will join hands with top institutions in the crypto industry to establish the world’s leading GameFi Incubator and set up an Incubation Fund to help teams committed to deep exploration in blockchain games, NFTFi, Metaverse, effectively improving and other crypto fields to grow fast and support their products to gain market share.

More self-developed games are under development,please stay tuned!

Q2: Without making you wait long, the next question: I see having DaapRadar as your partner. So how will they help NEO Fantasy to develop the project?
Twitter Username: @TrendellMarger4
It’s a great pleasure for us to reach a partnership with DaapRadar, the World’s leading Dapp Store.

This partnership will bring more P2E community resources and project support to NEXTYPE Ecosystem. Our dapp will be listed on DaapRadar, so players can enjoy the fun of P2E more conveniently!

Q3: @BnhMinh10791506
I read through the whitepaper, unlike other projects $FTS token is only circulated in the game, what is it used for? Is it listed on the floor and valuable? And why don’t you use a duny token, especially $ERT?
Thx for your question about our Tokenomic.

NEO FANTASY will implement a multi-tokenomic system consisting of a primary governance token $ERT (ETERNAL ROCK TOKEN) and an in-game utility token $FTS (FANTASY).

$FTS is the main resource for in-game strengthening. Gameplays such as Artifact Breakthrough and Equipment Purchase need to consume $FTS. $FTS can only be obtained through systems such as Levels Challenge, Dungeons, Mission systems, and Eternal Rock battles, which cannot be withdrawn into decentralized wallets. When players accumulate enough $FTS through exploring the game or earning as game merchants, they can exchange them for $ERT in the Exchange Hall.

We designed an Exchange Hall to return all the deposit proceeds of the utility token to our loyal game players and then obtain the primary governance token $ERT to realize the common growth, common governance, and shared future of the platform and users.

As more features and game modes are launched in NEO FANTASY, the economy will prosper to further support the token.

Q4: @VarandaAlisa222
On the roadmap: Ecosystem Phase: 2023 Q2
A gentle and fun new world of ACGN
So the project will only proceed to Q2 2023, then what will you continue to do to develop the project?
Absolutely. We will continue to develop our project in the future.

We are determined to bring the joy of traditional gaming to P2E gaming, while creatively offering our players a sustainable way to earn money. Our philosophy is that a game is not just a means of making money, the game itself must be as engaging, thrilling and addictive as any other traditional game.

Q5: @thypham2002
I find your games on the whitepaper quite good, but most of them are drawings. What to prove that you have the product?
Glad to hear that you are very interested in our project.

Recently we have made several progress. We have optimized the game system and launched the beta test for our core players.

Also we have dropped the Pre-launch events, in which players can win more rewards, like Token, NFT, whitelist, etc.

And our alpha test will be launched next week. We will invite all brave warriors to experience the diversified new gameplays and scenes in advance. Also, players can participate in the alpha test events to win more rewards. We will open the entry for the alpha test soon and make an official announcement about the alpha test. So plz do stay tuned and keep following our updates.

Part 3: Free Q&A at BC Blue Sky Ventures

Q1: @kiemanhh677
What was the biggest milestone your project has? What is plan in the future ?
In terms of our future plan. We are working to construct the new world of ACGN by the end of this year, and we are determined to move to the mature phase and ecosystem phase next year. By the end of 2022, we will create a new world of ACGN, where players can enjoy the game, airdrop and transaction. In 2023, NEO FANTASY will support any NFT to enter the virtual world for socializing, gaming, petting, partying and fashion shows. A gentle and fun new world of ACGN will welcome all your participation then.

Q2: @NgoanHuy50749
When will the project take place Pre-sale? Where will it be held? If it’s possible then Please Share me Pre-sale link
the pre-sale will be launched in August. plz stay tuned and keep following our social media.

Q3: @abunuman4433
Do you have a whitepaper? If yes, please share it with us.??.
you can view our website for more details, such as the whitepaper.

Q4: @ROinsw
Why should web2 game players play your games?
there are several key features that make our project stand out.

User-friendly Easy to start
With the gradual growth logic, players do not need to invest much at the beginning to start the game easily and experience P2E with quality comparable to traditional games.

System setting to enhance the activity level
The strong PVP model, by setting most of the player’s income in PVP play, makes players focus on PVP, thus effectively increasing the player’s online activity time and stickiness, and greatly improving the game’s operational effectiveness.

Stable economic system
The concept of hero Star Ascending and the consumption of heroes of the same race allow the redundant hero NFT in the game to be useful at any time, improving NFT liquidity and ensuring the stability of players’ earnings.

Fine user stratification
Players are effectively stratified, redundant players of different input sizes are effectively stratified through PVP, PVE and regular quests and activities, so that all types of players can find their place in the game and get stable P2E returns.

Q5: @Lukacusti
Can you briefly describe the gameplay of your product? like how to play and how to earn?
When the player enters the game, he can use his NFTs for P2E, like completing tasks, playing different dungeons, or by PVP in the arena. Then he can use the output token for in-game consumption, like NFT purchase, equipment upgrade and so on. Also $FTS and $ERT can be exchanged in our Exchange Hall.

For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:
Telegram group:
Telegram VietNam:
Telegram channel:
Discord group:

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